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Thread: activation code?

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    Default activation code?

    I was using Parallels 5 and just purchased the V6 upgrade. Downloaded. Installed. Failed to activate. Prompting me for an activation code. But I did not receive an activation code. Tried contacting support through chat, but when I entered my order number I got a msg telling me that my 30 days of free support had expired, and I had to pay for additional support. WTF? How do I get an activation code?

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    Go to this page & fill in your details:

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    Did you buy using credit card or PayPal? Did you get any e-mails? I payed using PayPal but haven't received my activation code yet.

    I went to, clicked on Customer Service, got a password by clicking "Forgot your password? click here", then logged in using the order number from the e-mail and the password. It has all my information and it says "Order Status: Order Pending Payment".

    The receipt from PayPal has a Transaction ID that leads to PayPal's transaction details. It has a Customer Service Email address and a Customer Service Phone number (Digital River). I sent an e-mail and am waiting for a reply.

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