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Thread: Power Panel - Application Error

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    Default Power Panel - Application Error


    While we are accessing the Power Panel from parallels virtual automation infrastructure, we ended up having a strange error " Application Error The server has encountered an internal error or misconfiguration.".
    Any ideas how we can fix it?

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    What is PVA version, OS?

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    Parallels Server Bare Metal 4.0.0 os and pva version : pva-setup-4.6-160

    thanks for your help

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    What OS type and OS version is displayed in PVA for this VM?

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    We're experiencing the same problem with our Power Panel. On a request it returns:

    Application Error
    The server has encountered an internal error or misconfiguration.
    Contact your support representative.

    Please report this problem to the technical support.
    The /var/log/pva/pp/cpcon.log shows:

    int VZCPApplicationPrototype::connect_agent(const VZL::VZLOperatorSP&) const at VZCPApplication.cpp:670 : Failed to connect to VZAgent: No such file or directory.
    void WebCP::handleRequest(VZL::VZLMessageIterator*, VZL::VZLMessageIterator*) at WebCP.cpp:1387 : http GET -> /vz/cp/wnd,5dd83a81-c568-4349-b941-633ca11bd898 - fatal error.
    We're getting this error on all virtual environments, but theservice pvaagent is running and seems to be working and the environments are up and running.

    Does the power panel still rely on VZAgent (where it should use PVAAgent)?

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