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Thread: Installing Small Business Panel

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    Recently upgraded to Plesk 10, and I'm trying to install the Small Business Panel, however I get the error:

    A dependency problem is found: required package psa-mail-pc-driver-10.2.0-cos5.build102100709.06.x86_64 conflicts with plesk-mail-qc-driver-10.9.0-cos5.build109101029.18.x86_64. No upgrade or obsolete solution was found for plesk-mail-qc-driver. Try to add plesk-mail-qc-driver to removable list.Problem occured during searching conflicts for package psa-mail-pc-driver-10.2.0-cos5.build102100709.06.x86_64 Execute command /usr/sbin/getenforce
    Error: Unable to proceed with the installation until the package plesk-mail-qc-driver-10.9.0-cos5.build109101029.18.x86_64 is removed from the system.
    Not all packages were installed.
    Please resolve this issue and try installing the packages again.
    If you cannot resolve the issue on your own, contact product technical support for assistance.
    Does anyone know what an earth is happening?
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    You can't use Parallels Plesk Panel and Parallels Small Business Panel on the same server. It is different products and you can use only one on your server.

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    When I log in to my server I get this error:

    Warning: You have connected this server to Business Manager, but the connection is damaged. This could happen because one of the applications was upgraded separately, or because a full server restoration was performed. Please log in to the Business Manager and repair the connection to this server. All business operations in the Panel are currently disabled.
    How can this be repaired?
    Also, is this different to plesk billing - I cannot work out how to even access the plesk billing system - Any ideas?

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