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Thread: Plesk 8.6 to plesk 10 migration

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    Default Plesk 8.6 to plesk 10 migration


    1 ) i have a back up plesk 8.6

    how can i migration to plesk 10 small business?

    2 ) I dont have web admin for databases. How can i have this?? i need administrate databases with plesk 10

    Thanks and sorry my english

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    Did you read Migration Guide for SMB?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IgorG View Post
    Did you read Migration Guide for SMB?
    yes, i do....but i need migrate from psa 8.6

    i cant migrate from other server..i want migrate a psa directly.

    the server is formated and i have a big psa

    anyway..where is the databases webadmin??
    how can i install this?
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    Default answer==┐=

    ok..super php web admin, migration tool?? what˝s the answer pleasE
    ? i read this answer here!!!

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