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Thread: Black Screen - Parallel Tools Build 6.0.11992

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    Default Black Screen - Parallel Tools Build 6.0.11992


    Parallels tools used to work fine until Parallels release an update. When the update is installed Parallels tools no longer seem to work. I try installing them and everytime I do I just get the windows start button in the left hand corner of the window and the rest of the screen in black with no cursor response.

    I can cure this by completely uninstalling Parallels and deleting everything windows related from my mac, but then if Parallels release an update I'm left with reinstalling Parallels, Vista and all my windows software each time. It was really handy to be able to use Coherence rather than the window function.

    Can anyone suggest a better solution than starting again from a fresh installation? Paralells tools doesn't appear in my add/remove programs, so I can't uninstall before re-installing. I have tried removing all virus software from both mac and pc before installing tools but I always seem to have the same problem.

    Any helps is much appreciated.



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    The only thing i can advise you is a rollback. Install Parallels 6.0.11828 and set the image off Windows back with Tim machine.
    The rollback helps me. It works fine now.
    See also topic
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