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Thread: Bespoke 401 error page

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    Default Bespoke 401 error page

    I posted thios question a week ago but possibly on the incorrect board (sorry). Could anyone assist me?

    Hello, I have created functioning bespoke 404 error documents on both my main domain and a subdomain. The doc are stored within the appropriate httpdocs/error_docs directories which I have created (one within the main domain and one within 'subdomains/clients/httpdocs/error_docs' directory.

    The subdomain contains a protected directory and this works fine - requesting user name and password when attempting to access the web page. However, I have tried to replace the standard 401 error doc with a bespoke doc by following the instructions within Plesk Help Guide documents but when I change the ' error URL' location within Plesk it stops presenting the log in box for the protected directory and defaults immediately to the new 401 error page. When I change back to the standard 'error file' it works fine. Can you assist? Many thanks.

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    Default Help

    Hi - re my earlier message - can anyone suggest where i should go for assistance? Still no resolution and its driving me nuts. Many thanks.

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    Default Do plesk monitor these boards

    I would have expected some sort of response???

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