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Thread: Installing OSX Leopard

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    Default Installing OSX Leopard

    I have been searching the web and have found no answers, but is there a way to install Leopard on Parallels? I have Parallels running on Ubuntu 7.10... I have installed XP on it with no problems and it actually runs faster than it did when I had it as my primary OS. I have the Leopard install disk, but every time I create a new VM and try to boot off the cd, it fails saying no bootable device. I tried to install bootcamp in Windows, but that fails as well. Has anyone tried this? Any help would be great, even just to point me in the right direction.


    Computer Specs:
    OS: Ubuntu 7.10
    Fujitsu Lifebook N3530
    Intel Centrino Duo 1.83ghz
    1.5gb DDR2

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    Basically no.

    To do such a think you would need the parallel server and apple hardware. If you run the parallel server on apple hardware, then you will be able to run leopard in a VM.

    Otherwise no luck.
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    "If you run the parallel server on apple hardware, then you will be able to run leopard in a VM."

    Supposedly, that is what the press releases of swsoft tell ... But alas, no how-to !?

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    Default Yes You Can install osx

    ive tried it and it works

    you will need to patch mac osx kernel and install a special bootloader that allows mac osx to boot without EFI Boot
    in the settings set the os to freebsd 1 gb of ram and 15 gb of memory or more
    if your not a pro at this kind of stuff follow this torrent to get a prepatched image of osx
    trorrent link click here

    sincerly noah robert whiteis

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