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Thread: Plesk - adding new email accounts

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    Default Plesk - adding new email accounts


    It would be very helpful if, when creating a new email account in Plesk if you could enter an alternate email address and a customisable email with instructions on how to set up the email address was sent to the alternate email address.

    In fact even if this wasn't customisable it would be an improvement.

    The POP3 & SMTP / IMAP url's could be picked up from the DNS settings and the password and username could be included based on whether the server is setup to allow partial or full email addresses as usernames and a link to the webmail interface. Something like this:

    Hello USERNAME,

    We have configured a new email address for you through DOMAIN and you can find the details to access this new email account below. You can set this up on your smartphone, laptop, tablet, computer or access your email through the web at WEBMAIL_URL with the following information:

    POP3: POP3_URI
    P/W: PASSWORD (auto generated?)

    You can change your password or modify your settings at any time through SERVER_INTERFACE_URL:8443

    If you have any questions please contact us through our support system at SUPPORT_URL or email us at SUPPORT_EMAIL.

    Best regards
    Perhaps needs tweaking, hence the request to make it customisable, however something like this would be great.

    Many thanks

    P.S. if it's possible to already do this somehow could someone point me in the right direction?

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    Such feature can be developed using Plesk event handlers.
    Related documentation:

    It's easy to create events sending mail password notifications to domain administrator or client.

    Also Plesk passwords can be viewed in Plesk using Plesk Password viewer, see
    Eduard Haritonov

    Plesk: Run PHP/vhost as User:
    Plesk: Password Viewer:
    Virtuozzo and OpenVZ: WHMCS module:

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