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Thread: ASP Classic - How do I show error messages?

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    Default ASP Classic - How do I show error messages?

    I am trying to use ASP Classic, but I cannot get Plesk 10.3 to show the ASP error messages. How do I turn this on?

    I have already set all the error documents to "default" in the Virtual Directory>>Error Documents.

    I also set the Enable ASP Server and Client Side debugging in Virtual Directory>>Virtual Directory Properties.

    What am I missing?


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    Proceed to your domain in Plesk control panel and turn off "Custom Error Documents" under "Physical hosting setup". This will send error message directly to the browser.

    You can also find error messages in log file directory\statistics\logs\W3SVCXXXX

    Also take a look here, if u didnt before.
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    i suggest to drill down in the following:
    "Website & Domains" -> select your domain from down of the page -> Check "Microsoft ASP support".
    Thats it.

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    Default Depends on the version of IIS that's underneath

    If you have IIS7 or 7.5 running under Plesk then the default setting is to show a friendly error. This can only be switched off using IIS management console. You should look for "Send Errors to Browser". This will default to false and instead show the standard error message:
    "An error occurred on the server when processing the URL. Please contact the system administrator.

    If you are the system administrator please click here to find out more about this error."

    Setting the "Send Errors to Browser" will show you the full error message.

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