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Thread: VM ownership and management

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    Default VM ownership and management

    Hello World!

    We have 2 admins who bounce back and forth with our VMs.

    First off is there a way to have a VM owned by a group? in this case Domain admins?

    second, and more pressing, I am the owner of a VM. however I cannot modify it in PMC, Options--> Permissions, is all greyed out.

    I cannot change "Allow other users to:" they can view which is nice but my boss needs to be able to modify.

    PsfM, the VM is stored on an External iSCSI Drobo, and the permissions are set so I, Domain admins, My boss, and Everyone have read & write.

    what am I missing?
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    I'm having the same problem with trying to give permissions to a VM. Have you found a solution?

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    Default ongoing

    Short Version:

    Long version:

    Permissions cannot be set to a group, i.e. "Domain admins" it has to be to a single user. That NEEDS to be fixed.

    second, we run PSfM on our Xserves, but store the .pvm on an iSCSI attached Drobo. as the Xserve sees the drobo as external storage, it treats permissions _slightly_ differently.

    So, I had a 2 hour online help session with support, and they were not able to fix it.

    If the pvm is on the local HD of the xserve, there is no issue, but you cannot store the PVM on the drobo.(you can, but permissions get a bit borked)

    so yeah we're borked here...

    conversely, IF you have them on the local HD, go to the pvm itself and verify that you have the correct permissions, (get info, fix permissions there if need be)

    hth. please post your results. good luck.

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    Default VM ownership and management

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