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Thread: os2 4.5 slow on centos5 vs centos4

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    Default os2 4.5 slow on centos5 vs centos4

    Hi everyone,

    We would like to use an os2_4.5 guest with parallels on centos 5. But it's globaly very slow compare to centos4.

    Hardware : IBM S50 (SATA-512MEG with last bios version-VIDEO PCI inside)
    Soft : Centos4/5 (X Windows System + ICEWM + Parallels 2.2222)

    We try with different kernel and parallels version.
    It's working fine on centos4 but not on centos5

    Do you have an idea ?


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    version 2.2.2232 fix it

    thx parallels

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