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Thread: unable to connect to Parallels Service

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    Default unable to connect to Parallels Service

    I get this error message approximately half the time when I start Parallels 7. It refers me to, which has been of no help.

    Can anyone please help?

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    Hello. You can try these steps:
    1. Reinstall Parallels Desktop, restart MAC
    2. Uninstall McAfee, or other Antiviruses, stop firewall
    3. Troubleshoot "Unable to connect to Parallels Desktop" error:
    - restart Parallels Service
    - reproduce steps from
    Restart MAC
    4. Workaround resolution to start Parallels Dispatcher:
    on MAC open Applications/Utilities/Terminal and type:
    sudo /Library/Parallels/Parallels\ -e

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    Default Thanks

    I appreciate your reply. Can't get to it now, will try in next day or two.

    Again, Thanks

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