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Thread: Access rights in Windows 7

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    Default Access rights in Windows 7

    Installed with success Parallels Desktop 7 with Windows 7 Home & Premium edition.

    I did not have to register with Microsoft nor give my name, just put in the registration key. It seems that I am classified as an administrator only. Do I have to do something about that?

    Many folders in Windows are just locked and there is no way I can modify the access rights of those folders.

    Is there a way to fix that?

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    As an administrator you can grant yourself access to all files.
    from the main menu select Computer:
    then right click Local Disk C drive
    select Properties
    a Local Disc(c:) Properties window will pop-up
    select Security-
    under Group or user names: select Administrator
    make sure that in the area below Group or user name
    Allow is checked, this should grand you access to all files on the computer.
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    By default your Administrator in windows 7 is disable. You have to enable that like this...

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    It seems that there is no way I can access the locked folders.

    This is a characteristic of Windows 7.

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