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Thread: Unable to Install License in PVA Management node

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    Default Unable to Install License in PVA Management node

    I have installed PVA management node in one of the containers.
    In another container I installed PBAS. Both were working fine till yesterday.
    Today morning the server CPU was running but there was no signal on the display and i was not able to ping the ip addresses of containers also.
    So i restarted the server and I logged into PVAMN, the hardware node shows a warning that " License is not Installed".
    When I tried to install a license key, there was no hardware nodes shown. so I failed to install the key.
    The ip address of container in which PBAS is installed is not pinging now from the physical server. But when I ping it from the same container it is pinging succeessfully.
    Now the PBAS also is not working.

    How can I solve this.

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    Just go to the hardware node shell and enter the license key as follows:
    ~# vzlicload -i
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    As you suggested I did the same and now it is working fine for me too

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