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Thread: PVA Installation problem on PSBM 5.0

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    Default PVA Installation problem on PSBM 5.0

    Hello all. I am trying to install PBSM 5.0 along with the PVA management node and the agent. The installation finishes OK but when the server restarts it tells me that there was a problem installing the PVA products. Looking at the /var/log/messages I see the following error

    logger: pva-setup: Error: Password is not set, please fix config file.

    If I try to connect or even ping the address I used for the Mnagement node I do not get a response.

    Does anyone know how I can fix this? It is really frustrating especially since I cannot find anything in the documentation of either the PBSM or the PVA.

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    I found the problem. The root password for the PSBM had a dollar sign in it ($). I believe this confused the script that installs the PVA Management node and agent because $ is a special character in bash. So either avoid to use any characters that if used in a string in bash they will have some special meaning (i.e. $ \ ') or do a manual install as suggested in the installation manual of PBSM but instead of using your password directly just use the string that will give you your password in bash i.e. if your password is $12ab34cd then you should have this in your pva_opt.cfg file PASSWD="\$12ab34cd" or PASSWD='$12ab34cd'

    Is there a way to submit a bug report to the Parallels team?

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