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Thread: Virtual Machine and MapleStory ( a game)

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    Default Virtual Machine and MapleStory ( a game)

    Hello fellow Parrallels Users,

    I'm looking for a fix to allow the program Themida to work under Parallels Desktop Build 7.0.15055.
    When I start the game it shows me this: [Themida] sorry, this application doesn't support a virtual machine.

    I already contacted the developers of MapleStory, Nexon, and ask them whether they know a solution game client wise.
    Maybe there is also a way to fix something like this Parallels wise.

    What is themida?

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    I found a workaround for this. I just changed a registry setting and got it to work. I posted the info on BasilMarket's forum. You can google "How I got Ms to work on Mac in Parallels" and it should pop up.

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    Default Please Post the fix on this thread

    Paul can you post the fix in this thread? Basil Market is showing up blank and must be down and I can't get the fix.



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    Here is suggested workaround for Windows XP:

    We made two files, you may find them in here:

    Use them as follows:

    1. Double-click on maplestory.reg - this applies suggested workaround and you will be able to play MapleStory until next reboot. Then you have to launch this file again; or else

    2. You may place maplestory.reg on c:\ drive and place ms.bat (also in attached archive) in your Startup folder. To find Startup folder please go to Start menu -> All programs -> Startup -> right-click on it and choose "Open". Paste ms.bat here and reboot your Virtual Machine. If maplestory.reg is in the c:\ folder you will be able to play MapleStory without applying any changes even after reboot.

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