That was the error message which I got from the plesk:
Error: Unable to make action: Unable to manage service by dnsmng: dnsmng: Service /etc/init.d/named failed to start ('--start', 'dns')
...and I don't find any error in the /var/log/messages file

This is the solution:
# /usr/sbin/named -u named -g -d 1
--> you will get this error: /usr/sbin/named: symbol lookup error: /usr/sbin/named: undefined symbol: dns_cache_create3
(Now the google already could help to you or read below )

# zypper update bind
--> Nothing to do.

# zypper update bind-libs
--> Installing: bind-libs-9.7.4P1-0.2.1 [done]
--> (THIS IS THE REAL SOLUTION! That was missing.)

# service named start

I hope I could help to others (with my poor english study )

ps.: somewhere I read this file modification:
Add these rows into the /etc/apparmor.d/usr.sbin.named file and after reboot
/var/named/run-root/etc/* rw,
/var/named/run-root/var/* rw,
/var/named/run-root/dev/* rw,
BUT this didn't help to me.