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Thread: Add to Business Manager forcing login

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    Default Add to Business Manager forcing login

    I'm trying to get up and running with the Customer and Business Manager on my Media Temple (dv) 4.0 server, and am running into problems when I add a new Customer or Subscription in the Parallels Panel then click Add to Business Manager. Instead of connecting and syncing the data, it forces me to log in again to gain access to the CBM. The same admin log in gets me in, but it always sends me to the home page and doesn't copy any information from the Panel.

    No matter what action I try to take from the Panel, it repeatedly forces me to log in again to access the CBM, so I'm assuming that this disconnect is the source of the issue.

    If I add a Customer within the CBM then click sync, it shows the sync operation completed successfully, but the Customer doesn't show up in the Panel. The Panel appears to be connected properly in the All Settings/Hosting Panels admin area.

    Media Temple's customer support representative would not help resolve this issue because they don't officially support the CBM. Any help to troubleshoot this would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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    My problem was fixed when I restarted SSO:

    /usr/share/plesk-billing/sso --command=disable --app-type=admin
    /usr/share/plesk-billing/sso --command=enable --app-type=admin

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