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Thread: External DNS Hosting

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    Default External DNS Hosting

    Has anyone had experience using External DNS Hosting with POA? I would like to hear about how you were able to sync zones from POA to the external system as well as any issues you ran in to.

    Is this accomplished through API or does the external system need to scrape the database?


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    Hi Ed.
    API method pem.getDomainNameServers returns DNS servers, other records could be found in database.

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    You can found most of the link in database.

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    Default Integrate POA with other billing system


    I would like to know how i could INTEGRATE POA with some other billing system other than parallels PBA. We have lot of customization in our billing system so we dont want to integrate POA with PBA. So please suggest any method or solution for this.

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    Parallels undoubtedly has an amazing series of automation based products and other technologies. There is no other website better than it. I surely like to have great knowledge on this forum.

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