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Thread: Microsoft Visio 2010 always configures on launch, every time

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    Default Microsoft Visio 2010 always configures on launch, every time

    Every time I launch Microsoft Office Visio 2010 I get the "Please wait while Microsoft Office configures Visio" message. Each and every time. I've got a fully licensed, activated copy of Visio & Windows 7 (I'm a technet subscriber). Even if I leave Parallels running and just quit Visio then launch it again I get this message.

    It's frustrating, as it adds time every single time I launch the program. I've tried searching the forums & Google, but didn't find any help on the issue. I've tried it on 3 separate Macs, with 3 clean installs of Win 7 64 bit & Visio 2010, but it keeps happening
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    Hmm i suggest you to contact Parallels support tem
    It works fine on my Vm (i have Windows XP and visio 2010), i guess support need to investigate your local environment
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    Default Visio 2010 will not launch if FireWire HD is plugged in

    Just found out that visio 2010 on Windows XP virtual machine will not launch if a FireWire HD is plugged in and shared folders are activated.

    Mac Mountain Lion with Parallels 8 and Windows XP as guest OS.

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