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Thread: USB - serial adapter com port assignment changes

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    Default USB - serial adapter com port assignment changes

    I have a Windows application which communicates with a weather station through a com port. I have installed Prolific Technologies USB-Serial Driver which comes with the USB-Serial adapter which comes with the weather station. The Weather software configuration assigns a Com Port number.
    However, whenever Windows is restarted (Vista running under Parallels 7) the USB - Serial Adapter is assigned a new Com port number and the software cannot communicate with the weather station.
    Is there a way I can define a fixed Com Port number for the USB-Serial Adapter?

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    I have same problem with Star TSP100 receipt printer connected into USB-port. Any way to "lock" USB port numbers?

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    same problem - would like to assign single com port that corresponds to the same com port that is identified in the windows virtual machine and would like it to stick

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