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Thread: "Cannot dump domain hosting settings" error for daily backup

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    Exclamation "Cannot dump domain hosting settings" error for daily backup


    I'm running Plesk 9.5.3 on a Windows Server 2008 machine. One of my sites is daily backuped by Plesk to a FTP remote server.

    Until 4 days ago, everything worked fine and the 35 GB backup was created and transferred daily to my FTP storage location. However, last night was the 4th night in a row the back process failed. The "migration.result" file shows the following error:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <execution-result status="warnings">
    <object name="" type="domain">
    <message code="InformationalException" severity="error">Cannot dump domain hosting settings</message>

    Is there a fix for this?

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    Anyone has any idea? I would love to see one of the Parallels representatives answering... Thanks!

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    Problem is still there and can't find a solution for this. The only thing that comes even close is the following article:

    But since I'm at version 9.5, I don't think this bug fix will help me?

    Please Parallels, can you give me an answer?

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    Yesterday I upgraded Plesk to version 9.5.5 but still no difference. Keep getting the same error.

    Isn't anybody from Plesk active on these forums? Igor?

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    It is very difficult to say something without additional troubleshooting of this problem directly on your server. I can say only that it is caused by some database inconsistency. More details can be found in backup logs -
    Contact Support Team if you find nothing by yourself.

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    Hi Igor,

    Thank you for responding.

    Your article relates to version 10 of Plesk, I'm running 9.5.5. Nevertheless I went searching for the log files, but couldn't find them. In \PMM\sessions\<session> there are only the following files:

    - dump-name
    - dump-status.xml
    - migration.result
    - stderr (with the FTP log)

    Also, a search on the hard drive of the server for "psadump" only delivers a couple of .dll files, but no .log files.

    Can you help me find my logs so I can investigate the problem?


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