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    Default Forgot Admin Password

    For my plesk billing, somehow the password was lost. I say forgot password to my admin email but that password will not work. Is there any other way to get this password?

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    Really need help on this!

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    [root@aandcmediaconsulting ~]# /usr/share/plesk-billing/update-admin --password <test12345>
    -bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline'

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    You could try to change password by running ./update-admin --password '<test12345>' after that your admin password is saved as <test12345>. Also you could change your password by clicking on the "Forgot your password?" link on the login page -> Enter admin e-mail address -> Click on the "Send" button -> Check out e-mail massage with new password notification, get password from this message -> Go to https://"your hostname":8443/plesk-billing/admin -> Enter new credentials on "the Login to Administration Panel of CBM" page -> Click on the "Log In" button -> You should be successfully logged into CBM.
    *To enter a password, there are three attempts. Login into CBM should be prohibited within 30 minutes after third unsuccessful attempt to login as admin

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    [root@aandcmediaconsulting plesk-billing]# ./update-admin --password '<test12345>'
    The following error occurred in panel 'Local Parallels Plesk Panel server (': Wrong panel administrator's credentials were provided. Correct the credentials on the panel settings page.

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    Seems that this command:

    /usr/share/plesk-billing/integration --command=repair-all

    Allowed me to change my admin password.

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