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Thread: Upgrade CentOS 4.9 to 5.x on Parallels Pro?

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    Default Upgrade CentOS 4.9 to 5.x on Parallels Pro?

    Is there a guide out there for upgrading a server safely to CentOS 5.x? CentOS 4.9 is EOL now and I'd like to have my server up to date again but do not want to break anything if it can be avoided.


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    Easies way to move site from CentOS4 to CentOS5 is exporting/importing backups.
    But remember, by default CentOS4 have PHP 4.3.9 and CentOS PHP 5.1.6. Not all php4 code will work corectly in php5
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    Right now, I already upgraded the server to php 5.1.x and things are working well.

    I would rather not format the server and reimport if possible.

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    An in-box OS upgrade is quite a complicated job and I would not recommend it. As DeepM has said, it's far easier to just backup the sites and then restore them into a CentOS v5 server instead. Also, doing it that way you do not risk total corruption of a live serevr should anything go wrong. I think you'll also find that a backup/restore is much faster than addressing the issues with an in-box upgrade between OS versions.
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