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Thread: max_input_vars and php.ini path

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    Exclamation max_input_vars and php.ini path

    Hello, I need to increase the max_input_vars for prestashop, I add this variable in the php "Additional configuration directives" and restar the server but nothing change.
    Also I try to change it directly into php.ini with same results, nothing change.

    In the phpinfo() says
    Configuration File (php.ini) Path /usr/lib
    Loaded Configuration File /usr/local/lib/php.ini

    I enter by telnet and the php.ini isn't in that directory...

    how can I change it?


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    Try editing the one in /etc/php.ini

    NB: Are you running php as an apache module or CGI application?
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    I change it in the /etc/php.ini and nothing

    I try php in CGI, fastCGI and Apache, but nothing change, in the phpinfo always see CGI/FastCGI
    I change this in the service plan->basic->hosting parameters


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    did you remember to restart apache and php after the changes?

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    yes, after each change...

    I updated Plesk to version 11 but not a solved nothing.

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    Hi PleskUser,

    How are you testing whether its working? Through a phpinfo file or through PrestaShop?

    Also does this help :

    (Basically you'll need to change suhosin configs if you're using them to match the max_input_vars)


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    Funny really, but I hope prestashop does not predefine max_input_vars variable in one of there configuration files. More here ..
    Abdi Joseph

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    Default max_input_vars for Prestashop

    Hello together,

    have found a solutions for Prestashop user

    just insert in Plesk Panel >>>Customizing Subscription>>>>

    in the Tab PHP Settings scroll down until you can see the textarea like at my screenshot and insert there the Value you need for example max_input_vars = 5000 then click on save and thats it now you can work on the translation.


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    Simple and clear, thanks Nico0404.

    Working well on my Prestashop without restarting the server.


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    Thanks Nico0404 !

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