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Thread: How do I use Ruby-on-Rails web apps in Plesk 11

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    Post How do I use Ruby-on-Rails web apps in Plesk 11


    I wish to run/test a Ruby on Rails app in my Plesk based VPS.

    (1) Please let me know if this can be done in Plesk11
    (2) Which all Linux OS's are supported by Plesk, for using Ruby on Rails apps?


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    First of all make sure that you have installed Ruby on Rails support. Just run /usr/local/psa/admin/sbin/autoinstaller and select 'Ruby on Rails support' in '13 <+> Plesk hosting features'
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    that option does not exist under autoinstaller in any section. The options I have under hosting features is:
    Bandwidth Limiter For Apache support (mod_bw)
    Apache ASP support
    Tomcat Java Servlets support
    Apache mod_python module
    ColdFusion support for Plesk
    MIVA Empresa support
    Cloudflare Apache Module

    I could really use some help to get Ruby on Rails working in Plesk 11

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    It's sad, buy I could say that there is nothing special for Rails hosting in Plesk 11.
    I can recommend you to install ruby, gems and mod_passenger manually (see ).
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    thanks for your reply.. if I had known 2 months ago when I migrated to a new server that I would be getting into ruby on rails then I would have stayed with Plesk 10 instead of moving to the newest version which I expected to be better andit kinda is but lacks some features such as this one. As a Parallels rep has stated above about the autoinstaller, it clearly does not have that option in version 11 but I hope they add it very soon!

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