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Thread: Convert/Import VMware VMDK into Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac?

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    Default Convert/Import VMware VMDK into Parallels Desktop 8 for Mac?

    How is it possible to use a virtual guest from VMware (.vmdk file) in my Parallel Desktop for Mac v.
    I have found the Parallels Transporter but it is only for convert a running Machine instead of a vmdk file isn't it?
    Creating a new virtual machine by using an existing virtual machine does not let me choose a .vmdk file (it is gray).
    What can I do?

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    The normal procedure is via File > Open. The reason it's greyed out it's because .vmdk is not the virtual machine but only part of it, a VMWare VM is .vmx, .vmdk is just the disk portion.
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    I had the image files on an external device trying to convert to local file and was getting an error.
    Had to move image onto source OS, and then convert... worked just fine.

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