I have MailEnable 7.09 Pro installed on a Win Web 2008 box working fine, but this server is soon to be turned off. The new box is WWeb 2008 R2 and uses Plesk. I hadn't appreciated when I agreed to have Plesk that it wants to do everything for me (e.g. will only recognise ME mailboxes it set up) and that it will be very unhappy if I do things manually!

Plesk seems to want me to create and configure all mailboxes within it, which is a complete ball ache. Not least because it means doing everything one mailbox at a time, and forcing all my users to empty out their old boxes and potentially lose mail whilst I am doing this process.

So is there any way of backing up the whole old ME server configuration, settings, mailboxes and all, and copying it over? I know I can do that without Plesk in the way, but will it work with Plesk there? (the path for the ME install is different, for a start, as Plesk wants it put within its folder branch).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.