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Thread: How to get Parallels icon (back) in menu bar

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    Default How to get Parallels icon (back) in menu bar

    I am pre-sales, currently in my 14 day evaluation period. I do not seem to have access to technical support directly, so I am asking here. Any help appreciated. I am running Parallels Desktop for Mac 8 on OSX Lion.

    I have somehow dragged the Paralells icon out of the menu bar on my Mac.

    I do have the Shows Windows Applications folder in my dock. However, I'd like to get the Parallels icon back in the menu bar. Also, I cannot get to the Parallels "Options" screen without that icon (there may be a way that I don't know.) I don't have a setting I need to change right now but if course I want to know that I have access to the options.

    Any help appreciated.


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    Hi Billb,

    Open a finder window on your mac go to Applications>Parallels
    Once selected it will open in your dock. Click on the icon select Options>Keep in Dock

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