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Thread: Horrible Performance after Parallel 9 Upgrade

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    Default Horrible Performance after Parallels 9 Upgrade

    I recently upgraded to Parallels 9 and to Mavericks. Prior to that I was using V7 with Mountain Lion. My Mac worked great and so did Parallels. However, after upgrading to V9, my Mac has become horribly slow. Just launching Safari on the Mac can take up to a minute. The computer is almost unusable. When I launch a Windows app in the virtual machine, performance is fine once the app is open. It seems that the hard disk disk is always spinning or swapping files. I can leave the computer for 2 hours. It's quite and the disk is still. When I click on any Mac app, it takes forever to open and the disk goes crazy. If I shut down Parallels, the Mac works great. So Parallels seems to be the cause.

    Is there anything I can do to fine tune the performance of Parallels? Perhaps some settings I can turn on or off?

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    Hi RickMeister,

    Yes! You can tune up Windows Virtual Machine performance as suggested at


    Manoj D

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    I just upgraded to Parallels 9 on my iMAC running OS X 10.9.2 - Mavericks - and attest to the same issue. Everything slowed to a crawl on the iMAC as well as the programs I tried to run on Parallels. Not acceptable.

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    This is most likely related to an incorrect uninstall of the previous version/upgrade. Ask the Parallels Staff to guide you if a re installation of PDM9 does not resolve the issue.
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