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Thread: Plesk 6 Login Form

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    Default Plesk 6 Login Form

    This kind of login form work for Plesk 5 but not Plesk6

    <form action="https://xxxxx:8443/login_up.php3" method="post" target="_blank">
    <input type="text" name="login_name" value="" size="27">
    <input type="password" name="passwd" value="password" size="14">
    <input type="submit" value="log in">

    If you use if for Plesk 6, it will fail for the FIRST time. HOWEVER, it works if you login the second time.
    (This happen for every new browser session)

    What is the new login logic? cookies, php session?

    We do not use the Plesk login form on individule server, so does anyone know how to fix this?

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    I use the following and it seems to work fine :

    <form action="https://xxxx:8443/login_up.php3" method="post" name="form1" target="_blank" id="form1">
    <input name="login_name" type="text" id="login_name" >
    <input name="passwd" type="password" id="passwd" >
    <input name="login2" type="submit" id="login2" value="Login">

    the only difference then the psa 5.0 interface i think was the id tags

    hope this helps

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    Actually I just tried it on a different machine and your right .. first time it fails then works the second time.... beats me...

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    So do anyone from plesk suggest a solution? I have spend quite sometime on this!!

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    Default Now heres a question

    How does one create one login for multiple plesk servers? :-)

    I would assume you could create a mysql database of domain names you host with relative server id.

    have the user enter domain name login and password. Would have to be in php or something.

    If anyone has a simpler solution please do tell!

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    I think the easiest way to do this if you have the server control setup to be accessed at : is to create a php file with a form that includes the following user inputs: login_name ; passwd and domain name .
    The script will then take the required variables and post to :

    That way each client domain will get posted to the sever that their domain resides on.

    While this will work quite easily with Plesk 5.0 as you can see in the posts above we have had some issues getting it to work first time with Plesk 6.0 .. but I am sure it something simple that has been overlooked.

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    Default Someone from plesk please !!


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    Hmm, really curious about what they've changed from PSA 5 --> PSA 6...
    I Can't find a reason why the given method wouldn't work...
    (Perhaps it's a missing value, or maybe a session should already have been created at the time the login_up.php3 is reffered to)
    No idea atm honestly...

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    Guess no one figured it out yet huh?

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    Yes it has been solved by Maerstrom. Try searching the forum again, I can't remember what thread it was.

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    Thanks for the response,
    A few mins. of searching I found the thread.

    If it helps anyone here it is.

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