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Thread: CentOS 5 - installing yum

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    Default CentOS 5 - installing yum

    Everytime I setup a new VPS I find myself searching for the correct RPMs to install yum. I have just setup a CentOS 5 x86_64 and needed yum installed, I was able to use the following to obtain the correct rpms:

    I thought I would post this here as it may help someone trying to get yum installed. If there was anyway that yum could be installed by default into the OS templates I think may people would be happy...

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    Lightbulb vzpkg install VEID -p RPM-PACKAGE


    I belive you should use:

    CMD: vzpkg install VEID -p yum
    vz will when take care of dependancys and store these in it's shared cache area.


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    I automated the above in the atomic installer script:

    wget -q -O - |sh
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    This worked fine for me
    vzpkg install 201 -p yum


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