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Thread: Using Script Module

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    Default Using Script Module

    I click and drag the script module, click Properties, past my text between <!-- and //-->

    click OK, and then when I preview, there's nothing there. What am I doing wrong?

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    Default same problem with script module

    I have been having the same problem too! It worked fine the first time I did it. Since then I doesn't work at all, and I have re checked and checked again, I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong either.....I don't think I am doing anything wrong, as it did work for me at some stage......If someone knows whats going on that would be great!

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    Scripts cannot be executed on site preview. To check the script operation, publish the site and proceed to the corresponding page. For more information please refer to this article: Let me know if there is still something unclear.

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    Default script module problem

    Hi Dmitry,

    I published my site again, and it still doesn't show. In my case I am trying to paste html codes for Paypal buttons on one of my webpages. It worked fine the first time, but I had to delete the script module on the page to create a new code, to change some of the details....I started again from scratch and it hasn't worked since. In the swsoft help, it says that it should show in preview, but it doesn't. When I save the changes before I want to preview the page it is very slow and I don't think it saves the changes to the page properly...but this only happens when I add the script module.....could this be why it isn't showing???

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    Could you post the whole code here, so I could check it from our side? Or send me the code in private message.

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    I inserted a scritp (HTML) and the script is not working. The site is Can you review the script and let me know what I need to change. Thanks from a newbie
    <div id="bv_" style="position:absolute;left:176px;top:118px;widt h:565px;height:58px;z-index:7" align="center">
    <font style="font-size:24px" color="#009300" face="Arial"><b>Please Search My Broker's Web Site For Current MLS Listings</b></font></div>
    <div id="bv_" style="position:absolute;left:302px;top:243px;widt h:328px;height:269px;z-index:8" align="left">
    href="#" style="text-decoration: none;"
    onclick="'','mls','scrollbars=yes,resizab le=yes,height=630,width=630');"><font
    class="mls">Residential Houses/Condo?</font></a><br>
    <li> <a href="#" style="text-decoration: none;"
    onclick="'','mls','scrollbars=yes,resizab le=yes,height=630,width=630');"><font
    Residential Income</font></a><font class="mls"><br>
    <li><font class="mls"> <a href="#"
    style="text-decoration: none;"
    onclick="'','mls','scrollbars=yes,resizab le=yes,height=630,width=630');"><font
    and Land
    </font></a><font class="mls"><br>

    <li><font class="mls"> <a href="#"
    style="text-decoration: none;"
    onclick="'','mls','scrollbars =yes,resizable=yes,height=630,width=630');"><font
    and/or Street Address
    </font></a><font class="mls"><br>
    <font class="mls"><font class="mls"><font
    class="mls"><font class="mls"><font
    class="mls"><font class="mls"><br>

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    I tried to use this script and it works on my side. Text is located on head banner but it is displayed correctly and links work also. Check it up one more time. Do you still can not get it working? Does publish procedure go well?

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    Default Internal SiteBuilder error when trying to edit a script

    When trying to edit the script to add a code of mine I got the error:

    Internal SiteBuilder error.
    File: /usr/local/sitebuilder/include/Base/GUI.php; Line: 88
    Message: PHP Warning : DOMDocument::loadXML() [function.DOMDocument-loadXML]: Input is not proper UTF-8, indicate encoding ! Bytes: 0xED 0x20 0x2F 0x2F in Entity, line: 2; Code: 2

    Any advise as to what to do? I'm doing this on an account for a customer, using a package that has access to scripts!! Any advice?

    Thanks and regards

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    Could you please provide the code which you try to enter and exact step which are performed for it? From the error it looks like some text can not be parsed successfully because of not proper encoding. Hard to say why, as original code necessary for check.

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    I too am having trouble adding a script onto my site. I am going into edit, clicking and dragging script, open properties, and place the script between the arrows and press OK. It is not coming up.
    The script I am adding is this
    <a href="">Shop Online</a>

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    never mind got it. I had to take out the arrows you had because I already had them in my script. But how can I move the location of it on my site. ? eg put it at the bottom or to the right side where my other buttons are?

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    If you need to add it into menu, for example, you can add new simple page, add script module on this page and paste the code which you need. On published site when you click on created page with script module, script will be executed as you need. Let me if there anything else I can help with.

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    Hey, I'm new to this forum. I've had a few problems with this software, most of my problems were due to my ignorance so I've decided to swallow my pride and ask for help.

    Heres my problem. I'm having trouble with the following code using the script module, please help.
    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

    I've aslo tried to enter the script between <!-- and //--> but still can't get it to work. I saw another user removed arrows and have tried removing different arrows and still can't get it.

    How would I enter the above script into the the script module to make it work?

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    Actually, from the first site this string looks good and you do not need to use <!-- and //--> as this will comment your script string only. JavaScript is allowed to be used in Script module.
    Try to check couple of things:

    Note: 1. Scripts cannot be executed on site preview. To check the script operation, publish the site and proceed to the corresponding page.

    2. Some scripts may require that you upload some additional content in your site home directory. If you have no access credentials for the publishing location, or do not have enough permissions for uploading content, contact your hosting provider for assistance.

    Could you also provide screen shot or something for the page where this script should be executed after publication?

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    Default How to position the script and how to use modules on blog page

    I want to know if anybody can help me position the scripts I get from google adsense and amazon! They only stick to the top of the page. I also want to know how to insert scripts/ adds in the blog pages... Or if not possible what is your recommendation in this case.
    If anyone has the answer, please write me back, too:

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