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Thread: Parallels Tools fails to install in Ubuntu 9.04

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    Default Parallels Tools fails to install in Ubuntu 9.04


    As everyone probably knows, Ubuntu 9.04 came out today. For me, at least, Parallels Tools fails to install.

    Here is my log file:

    Anyone having success?

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    As it is unfortunately usual, it will probably take some months before Parallels releases a version of the Tools that are compatible with the latest Ubuntu release. This is quite nerving since people like me use VMs to test things up before deployment.

    Let me just plug an idea here, the fact that these tools are precompiled makes the whole thing more difficult, if they were open source, or like what nvidia does which is having some sort of wrappers for binary parts (the parts that nvidia considers IP). Parallels has their IP parts but the model nvidia uses for their drivers seems more appropriate.

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