Hello All,

I've been trying to connect to the XML API for the past few days. I've been following the pdf for VZAgent Programmers Guide - I have a few things I need to clarify. First of all - what IP should I be connecting to? I can make successful connections to the service VEID and the node - both report back the initial connection, and I can get_realm - however when I try to submit my system login I get invalid credentials. I've attempted logging with the root name (base64'd) and the password for the Hardware Node and the service VPS with no luck. What should I be connecting to, and which login credentials is it expecting? I've been using the 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000 Realm, vzagent is running on the hardware node, and I can ping the IP from the machine connecting (not on the hardware node).

Any help is appreciated.