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Thread: Access the Plesk Error Log

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    Default Access the Plesk Error Log


    Might be very straight forward, but I cant seem to find where or how to access the error log for plesk errors.

    Can anyone help me out?


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    Default /usr/local/psa/admin/logs


    is where plesk keeps the CP access/error logs

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    Default permission error

    Thanks for that

    But I am logged on as the admin user, but can't access the logs due to a permission error. how do I login as the PSA user?

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    Default More information

    Perhaps I should have been more specific also.

    I have tried to install a module in plesk that has failed without displaying any errors and I want to check the error log for more information.

    Where would plesk log the error for the add module feature?

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    user error?
    I'm not sure you can see those logs from the plesk interface - you would need to open a shell and probably have to view the logs as root. as far as the PSA 'user' I'm not sure there is one - the control panel interface should be wide open to admin [unless you mean you are admin on windows - then you are in the wrong forum!]

    Even after all that - I don't think you are going to see rpm install errors in aly of those logs, generally plesk writes it's install logs to /tmp - but I'm not sure if it would place update/upgrade logs there as well.

    Your best chance - again from a shell - is to try to install the RPM for the module manually - at least tht way you should be able to -verbose it and see if it throws any errors...

    - hope it helps

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    same problem here, error 500 - blank page, and /usr/local/psa/admin/logs has on error log. Where do I check the actual error cause?
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