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Thread: Plesk Backup /var/lib/psa/dumps full

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    Default Plesk Backup /var/lib/psa/dumps full

    Hi all,

    I have strange problem. Today plesk stops responding - quick login and I see that the /var partition is full. There was a process "plesk_agent_manager server" witch has 100% CPU load. After quick search I found that the /var/lib/psa/dumps has 760 GB of memory witch is almost all free space on partition. In /var/lib/psa/dumps plesk store all backups TAR's and other files. But I think it shouldn't. My backups from beginning is set to be strored on FTP server, and they did.

    My question: It is safe to delete all the files on /var/lib/psa/dumps ?
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    Please make sure that you have backups stored on your FTP repository. If they are on place you can remove these backups from /var/lib/psa/dumps.

    You can find more information on the Parallels Plesk Panel variables in the following article:

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    so i can delete any file in /var/lib/psa/dumps manualy from command line, and keep the latest ones ?

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    Default Late response, but for history's sake

    Mostly yes,

    Delete enough of the older ones to get your system operational, then transfer of the remaining files to a none server location, and delete away 'til you are in the current week.

    These files can get ridiculously large when you start dealing with site caching.

    You might want to consider this script:

    # Delete backup more than 90 days old.

    echo "Checking for files older than $daysToKeep days in $backupDir"
    listOfFiles=`find $backupDir -mtime +$daysToKeep`
    if [ ! -z $listOfFiles ]
    echo "Found [$listOfFiles]"
    echo "None found."
    for toDelete in $listOfFiles
    echo "Deleting $toDelete"
    rm -rf $toDelete
    echo "Done."

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