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Thread: VMs not starting after Host Reboot?

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    Default VMs not starting after Host Reboot?


    I am demoing Parallels server for Mac.

    The main issue I have is that is a VM is booted and then Host OS is restarted then the VM does not automatically start up. I have to log in and go to the Management Console. I have played with the config settings as to what the behaviour of the VM should be when the Host OS is shutdown and started.

    There has to be a way for the VM to start up once the Host OS has been rebooted and is sitting at the login window?

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    Default Cannot save startup/shut down via console

    In the latest build I am unable to save the startup and shutdown settings. I check the various items, close config, reopen and the settings are not saved in the console. I have to manually start VM's as well.

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    I wrote a set of scripts to work around this until it is fixed by parallels:

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    Default Yikes, this is still an issue!


    I've been having this issue for quite a while. This seems to be quite a big problem. I would hope that these sort of things don't happen in the server version of the software. I'm getting ready to move into production and I can't have a system that needs to be boot manually.


    Any thought on a timeline for this fix?


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    This has been a known issue for us ever since we bought Parallels a year ago. VMs don't auto start and don't gracefully shutdown. Considering the other virtualization options on the market, I view our investment in Parallels as a huge waste of $1000.

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    I did some quick testing... and this issue was fixed with build 4920 which was released in late December 2009.
    Please, contact our support if you have any further issues. This is only way to ensure we are aware of you issues and can fix them in upcoming patches.

    Best regards

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    It works OK when the VMs are stored on the onboard disk that the OS boots from, but not when booting the xserve from SSD and storing the VMs on RAID5 via the Apple raid card.

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    And it still doesnt work with OSX softraid.... Like said before, waste of money...

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