I upgraded to P5 1 month ago. Since then I am having trouble playing Counter Strike.

Using P4 (Parallels 4), everything worked fine:
- Using the CTRL key, my model ducked properly
- 'Aiming' with the mouse (mouse-look) worked perfectly and precicely!

After upgrading to P5:
- CTRL will be accepted AFTER pressing another key
- Using the mouse look for aiming end up in a mess, no precice aiming:
- moving the mouse very slow: first doesn't move at all, then skipping several pixels, so no way to aim the spot I want to aim at
- moving mouse faster: I was never able to perform 360 degrees turnarounds with one fast mouse movement!!!!!!!!!!

So it is not possible to play neither Counter Strike 1.6 nor Counter-Strike: Condition Zero (the ONLY GAMES I play and why I bought Parallells (cause CrossOver Office sucks on FrameRate Issues).

As I am browsing now for several weeks without finding ANY working solution, I wonder if I can get back my money for the upgrade and will use P4 again.

Found and tried solutions:
- reinstall parallels tools -> no change in misbehaviour
- reinstall complete guest os -> same... no change
- set smart mouse to OFF -> no change
- also setting guest Windows' mouse hardware acceleration to none -> no change

Used hard- and software:
- host os: OS X 10.6.2 (Snow Leopard)
- host mac: 15" MacBook Pro (late 2008, unibody, NVidia Geforce 9400 M + 9600 M GT)
- guest os: Windows XP Professional - Service Pack 2 (also tried with SP3!!!)
- used mouse: Logitec MX 518 (no Logitec Driver Package installed in neither host nor guest OS)

I never played other games using Parallels (neither 4 nor 5), so I do not have any other references.
If you have any hint for me, either in fixing that really annoying issue or refund the upgrade, please write me.

Please excuse my non perfect english... I'm a german native speaker.