Caps Lock sticks permanently

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  1. Since I upgraded to Build 7.0.14924 (localized german edition, running on Lion 10.7.2), I have the following problem:

    Every time the Parallels VM window looses its focus and is clicked again, all keyboard input appears in capital letters only. The caps lock LED is dark at this point and only letters are affected. If I type a number, I get the number and not the shifted character on that key !

    When I hit the shift key twice, the behavior returns to normal again.

    This problem appeared sporadic since Parallels 5 or earlier.
    Now it happens permanently, exactly since this particular build number.

    Hope this helps to track this issue down.

    See bug report #10749915 for system details.

    -- Harald
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  2. Same problem with me.
  3. same problem here. impossible to work with.
    is there any parallels employee who can show us a way to solve that problem?
  4. One more thing: CMD-V shows a "V" even thought it is mapped to CTRL-V, which should paste the clipboard's content.

    -- Harald
  5. localization issue

    it seams to be a localization issue.
    turning mac os and windows using us-english as primary language solves the problem.
    but it is not convinient to write "umlaute" as ae, oe ...
  6. excuse me its not gone - its only reversed
  7. KonstantinO

    KonstantinO Parallels Team

    Try to disable host-guest CapsLock synchronization feature by this command in terminal:

    defaults write 'com.parallels.Parallels Desktop' 'HID Host Hook.CAPSLOCK Sync' -bool false
  8. Works like a charm ! Thanks for fixing this quickly !
  9. thanks - it is working again
  10. caps lock

    I have this problem with caps lock and shift in parallels 7 and xp when i boot to
    vm its on uppercase in text programs.
    I can solve this by pressing shift twice, but next time in text program the same problem all uppercase.

    The solution below in terminal do i write in terminal as writen here and press enter?
    and do i have to do this every time i boot into parallels.

    defaults write 'com.parallels.Parallels Desktop' 'HID Host Hook.CAPSLOCK Sync' -bool false

    This is a problem i have had in parallels 5 - 6 and now 7 can parallels not solve this very serious problem?
  11. Enter the terminal command as written in one single line. Copy and paste it from this article to the terminal:

    sudo defaults write 'com.parallels.Parallels Desktop' 'HID Host Hook.CAPSLOCK Sync' -bool false

    Enter your admin password when prompted.
    Hit the enter key.
    Shutdown the Windows guest (NOT suspend mode, only).
    Quit Parallels.
    Reboot your Mac - just to be sure.

    Works now ?

    -- Harald
  12. Hi Harald,
    no, it does not solve my issue. I confirmed that the command was run correctly with:
    sudo defaults read 'com.parallels.Parallels Desktop' 'HID Host Hook.CAPSLOCK Sync'
    and it is correctly setup. I restarted OSX and the VM, and the problem persist. I have created a new topic about this because my situation is different:
  13. Ouch ... the only difference I see is that you have an english localized XP and mine is german.

    -- Harald
  14. Just another idea: Pls reinstall Parallels Tools after you have issued the terminal defaults command.

    -- Harald
  15. I have not done that, will do it and report. Thanks.
  16. Today I could uninstall Parallels, reboot, run the installer, download the latest version of Parallels 7 and install. ONly to find out that the problem persist.

    Anything more to try?
  17. I created a report ID, the report ID is: 14996998

    Please help!
  18. What else could I try?

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