Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 won't open

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  1. I have been using Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking running on my Mac with Parallels running Windows 7 and more recently Windows 8 for several years. WARNING: Latest update to Parallels 8, namely 8.0.18305 dated October 25, 2012 shuts down Dragon Naturally Speaking, apparently due to some conflict between the 2 programs. I did find a solution to the problem. This was to uninstall Parallels 8.0.18305 and then install an earlier Parallels version, namely 8.0.18100, which does support Dragon 11.5. Took me 5 days to figure this out. You can easily delete the newest Parallels version after install by dragging the app to trash. The hard part is finding dmg file for 8.0.18100, which I was able to locate on my computer under downloads. Then you must find your activation code, which hopefully you have saved. I post this to help those who suddenly find DNS no longer working. May your resolution be easier than mine.
  2. I just updated today and killed my dragon....going to try to follow your instructions...thanks!
  3. Thanks Man!

    It worked!! you are genius man! I wish I had read this before me and my IT guy spent 2 hrs dicking with reinstall on dragon...but hey its working now and I can do my clinic tomorrow....cheers
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    Hello everyone
    Thank you for your feedback.

    I have the one question for you if you use Dragon Naturally Speaking 11.5 inside a VM or Dragon Dictate on your Mac
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  5. Please fix this ASAP. I s DNS v12 all the time inside my Windows 7 VM. The latest Parallels update prevents it from launching.
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    Hello all

    I could reproduce the crash of Dragon Naturally Speaking v12 on build 8.0.18305.
    But as soon as I upgrade to the last build 8.0.18314 the application Dragon NS v12 run and works correctly
    Please check your version of Parallels Desktop. To know it you should click on menu Parallels Desktop > About Parallels Desktop
  7. I just installed Parallels 8, namely Build 8.0.18305 on my Mid 2012 13" MBP running Lion (10.8.2). I don't have any previous versions of parallels. I then installed Windows 7 Premium and finally Dragon Naturally Speaking 12. It installs fine and then when I try to start the app, it gives me a fatal error message. Any suggestions? Nuance had said they can't help me. Anyone here with suggestions. Will I need to uninstall windows and parallels and reinstall? Thanks
  8. Updated to the newest version of parallels and it works great! Thanks!

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