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  1. Hi,

    Please fix full screen issues on dual-monitor systems on Mavericks. This is driving me crazy!

    Almost every time I switch between spaces, Windows/Parallels is re-evaluating all available screens which results in heavy flickering and all windows from my secondary screen are moved to the primary screen.

    Thank you!
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    Same. I've posted this a while back as well. I know Mavericks is still in Beta, but doesn't look like a fix is coming soon?
  3. Anyone has experience with vmware Fusion and dual-monitor setups? This behavior is so annoying that I'm seriously thinking about switching to another tool if this doesn't get resolved soon...
  4. Just upgraded to Mavericks and Parallels 9. With previous OS X and Parallels 8 everything worked fine using dual screens. But now I also have the above problem.
  5. serv

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    Update to PD 9.0.23136 via Parallels Desktop menu > Check for Updates.
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    New update works great! This is perfect. Thank you for adding this in / fixing it!
  7. Just to confirm, I had the same issue. It flickered every time I changed things in another monitor and now it's working properly. I also had changed the view to use the other monitors, just so I could go full screen without having the Mac title bar at the top. That got rid of the title bar for me, but I couldn't see Windows on my other monitors. I was fine, since I didn't want it on other monitors. All that to say, the update has made Windows able to use other monitors and stopped the flickering on the Windows in Full Screen when I am changing spaces on other monitors.

    It also fixed an issue when I would do a screen capture to Clipboard, Shift+Control+Command+4. The issue made the paste into Windows show up as a black box. I like to do the Screen Capture to clipboard so that I can paste it into an email or word to without having to search for the screen capture on the desktop.

    Nice work!
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  8. I already had the latest Parallels version. The problem appeared when in full screen and navigating to the windows screen using cmd tab. However, I haven't seen this again after restarting Windows (this was after a restart for the installation of Parallels tools of course). If I see the behavior again, I will pos this.
  9. I can confirm that using a mac book pro with a dual monitor setup, using Mavericks and Parallels 9, I have a serious issue with switching between screens. I have updated everything I could possibly update, but when I try to switch between apps on my VM (Windows 7) and the OS X, I repeatedly get black screens, that after a short while go away. This is quite a disappointment and by upgrading I downgraded my Parallels usability.

    Edit: What happens is that, somehow, the second monitor in the Windows VM disappears, the second monitor is still there, but you cannot select it and it has not the right resolution:

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  10. I am running parallels 8, maverick, windows 7 ...have the same issue with full windows mode not working on dual monitor setup
    report id 30204109
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    PD8 doesn't support per-display spaces which are new for Mavericks. Try disabling this option: System Preferences > Mission Control > Displays have separate spaces.
  12. This is a huge issue for me, can't believe there isn't even any support allowed.... but that's another discussion...
    I run weekly demos of my company's product using Parallels for a Windows OS. And since I upgraded to Mavericks and it starts flickering and even crashes my VM not allowing it to reboot unless I reboot my entire computer. Looks great with 50 people joined.
    I am usually on Dual Screen with second screen in Full Screen using the Mac Full Screen option.
    I am not upgrading to version 9, especially from what I am hearing above. Do we know when a fix will be released for this? I am also a speaker at conferences and use this all the time, I depend on this to work.

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