F1 2012 - todays release is a no-no!

Discussion in 'Windows Guest OS Discussion' started by imacken, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Guys, the newly released F1 2012 won't run on the 18101 build.
    The opening video just flickers like mad, and then at the end, the game crashes. Works perfectly in Bootcamp, and F1 2010 and 2011 both worked perfectly in PD8.
    So, come on guys, a little video tweak like you've done in the last couple of builds to get other games working well?
    It would be appreciated/
  2. Any update - F1 and NBA?

    Yes, I'm curious too, if F1 2012 will run under P8, any update?

    Also, anyone try out NBA 2k13?
  3. No, it's a DX10 issue, which you can see under Settings is 'experimental'.
    Parallels engineers are aware of the issue.
  4. Any1 aware of any possible timeframe? I wanna try F1 2012 in PD8 badly 'cause I'm tired of booting Win in bootcamp ;)
  5. The engineers have identified the problem, and a fix will be available in a 'future update'. No time frame given.
  6. Yesterday I've updated to the last version of PD8. Magic!! F12012 Worked!

    So First I've setted 1440x900 (I have the Retina i7 2.3Ghz) and shotted a benchmark... 17 fps Average...

    So I said "okey. maybe I will be able to play this at 1280x800 low details, far from the best but it should be playable". So went back to the graphics menu and seconds after I heard the FANS starting to spin up RPMs... I thought this was weird coz it should be all at max after the "bech".... but I kept going.

    Setted 1280x800, Low preset. but this time I muted my mac... FANs were blowing at max speed. and I hitted enter to the benchmark.

    For my surprise, fans started to slow down and the performance ended up to be precisely the same, 17 fps average.

    To sum up, it seems that while on game it doesn't use full cpu/gpu power but it does while on the menus...

    Should I open up a support case?
    Can anyone confirm the same behavior occurring on their systems?


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