Fedora 15 Virtual Appliance Password

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  1. I've downloaded Fedora 15 within Parallels as a virtual appliance and it says the 'Administrative Interfaces' should be:

    Login: parallels
    Password: parallels

    But when I get to the login it's asking for a new password and for whatever I write I get 'BAD PASSWORD: it is based on a dictionary word'...

    Is anyone else having this issue? Am I doing it wrong? Please help...

    [EDIT]: Don't worry... figured it out. I wasn't actually typing a new password in, only typing 'parallels' or something else that was too short.
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  2. Scrap that, I'm stupid... figured it out.
  3. megavolt17

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    I was stumped that I did not know the su password, and someplace I read that su works in Fedora but not sudo. After much frustration I realized sudo <command> prompts for the password and works just fine.

    Apparently on a Mac su is defined as an untypeable password and that carries through to Linux. You will need sudo to install Parallels Tools if an update to Fedora messes that up.

    Incidentally sudo su works and logs you in as the super user (it prompts for the sudo password). You can even change your su password to whatever you want this way!
  4. still not understand

    I still don't understand.I have installed PD 7 on my mac (lion)
    What to do to login ? What password I should type?
    I have problem to login to Fedora. What should I do exactly? I just installed fedora 15 through PD 7 , asks me for password typing "parallels" doesn't work. Can anybody explain me?
  5. megavolt17

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    I believe I just hit enter with no password, and Fedora then prompted me to type a password and to confirm it. It was either Fedora or Ubuntu that did this, so I could be wrong...
  6. You must make up your own NEW password. The 'parallels' account is set up to require you to change password on first usage.

    1) Click on the user 'parallels'
    2) Enter your new password (Important: It must not be based on a simple dictionary word)
    3) Retype your new password to verify it
    4) You're in :)
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  7. This is the same mistake that many people make. One of my friends has typed the same password repeatedly and he was blaming the OS for the issue for showing bad password error. I always try using complicated password with letters and special characters while setting password for the admin in Linux OS for security. SO I always suggest everyone to use some complicated passwords. Also one more thing, in most Linux OS’s the bad password is shown only as a warning and if you want to continue with that password you just need to confirm.
  8. Fedora 15 Contraseña

    Acabe de instalar fedora 15 pero no he podido en contrar la solucion a la contraseña para entrar por favor alguien me puede ayudar para acceder a este sistema desde mi parallels.

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