Increased capacity, now can't boot.

Discussion in 'Parallels Image Tool' started by pschultz, Jan 3, 2009.

  1. I increased disk capacity on an expanding disk from 32 to 54 GB on version 4.0.3540 for Mac. Guest operating system is WinXP.

    Now I get "Non-System disk or disk error / Replace and press any key when ready" when trying to boot.

    I can view the contents of the disk with Parallels Explorer, so it seems like the data is still there. Any ideas? I naturally didn't make a backup, so not sure what I can do to get things up and running again.

    Please help!
  2. when you ran the disk image tool did you remember to 'leave the checkmark' in the box 'add the unallocated space to the last volume'?
  3. by the way the data is perfectly fine we just need to get your disk 'properly configured'
  4. John@Parallels

    John@Parallels Parallels Team

    Please check boot order in VM windows - Click Configure- Boot order
  5. Increased capacity now won't boot.

    I have been trying to increase my virtual disk without success.
    The virtual disc prior to expansion consisted of a 7.8 GB (XP Boot) and a 3.9 GB partition. This configuration works great running Parallels 4.03810.

    I ran the Image Tool and expanded to a total of 17 GB. I left the checkmark in the box for unallocated space. XP starts to boot from the expanded virtual disc and then goes into the "Safe Mode" screen. Selecting into "Safe Mode" or any of the other options will not boot and only leads back to the same "Safe Mode" window.

  6. Stuw

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    In case boot order is correct, you can try to repair your disk:
    1. Boot from Windows XP setup CD
    2. Goto recovery console (setup program will show you message about recovering)
    3. Type 'fixboot' and than 'fixmbr' (without quotes) in console

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  8. the data looks fine

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