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  1. G'day all,

    I turned on Mac Look in the Configure options for my virtual machine, but don't like it, and turned it off.

    But it won't go away... Am I stuck with it forever, or is this a bug.

    I have tried :

    turning it on and off again.
    Turning it off, quitting and restarting parallels, checking it is still off and then starting the vm
    changing the desktop settings from within windows.

    I occasionally get an error message when changing the windows display properties (the Windows and buttons Appearance option from Windows Classic style to Windows XP style)
    'Applying Visual Styles Error - The visual styles could not be applied. Access is denied' (In case the picture didn't work)



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  2. I-che

    I-che Parallels Team

    Hello benmadin,
    2 suggestions:
    a. try to switch theme in Windows XP
    b. try to reinstall Parallels Tools (remove from Add/Remove programs, restart Windows, Virtual Machine menu > Install Parallels Tools)
  3. Thanks - a) didn't work for me (I haven't tried b).

    What did work was switching the View to Window, and then one of the menus had a Use MacLook option.


    It wasn't ticked, but when I turned it on the computer groaned for a few seconds and looked exactly the same. Then when I turned it off it changed the theme through Windows 98 to the standard Windows XP interface look.

    Subsequent switching back into Coherence / Crystal modes seems to have preserved this outcome, including after a shutdown of parallels and restart.



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  4. 4+ years later and your solution, Ben, still works for someone who just encountered this problem after updating to Windows 7 (from XP) and Parallels 9 (from 6).

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