Microsoft says I have Illegal copy of Win 7

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  1. I'm fine running Windows 7 by booting up with bootcamp on my Mac. When I run the same Windows 7 from Parallels I keep getting a dialog box indicating I have an Illegal copy of Windows 7-- the System runs but I keep getting the annoying message about registering again with the proper key. When I input the key number from the same Windows 7, MS says it's not a valid number. Also I get a message in the lower right corner of the parallels Windows7 window saying this copy of Windows 7 is not genuine.

    Does Microsoft think I'm trying to run Windows 7 on two seperate machines? How do I get Microsoft to recognize a legal copy of Windows 7 when it's running under Parallels 6? I have only one Windows 7 installed in a Windows 7 Bootcamp partition, which both Apple Bootcamp and Parallels use.

    Thanks to anyone who can understand and fix this.
  2. Please see my original Thread and reply "Solution".
  3. Thanks

    I did the verify by telephone to Microsoft solution. All was automatic, just telling MS 9 groups of numbers from my screen while running Win 7 as virtual machine in Parallels 7-- after MS checked that my numbers were correct they slowly gave me 9 new groups of numbers for me to type on the screen, after completion MS verified that my Win 7 was genuine and I no longer get dialog boxes indicating I have a non legal copy of Windows 7 while running booted Apple boot camp or from OSX running Parallels 7- virtual bootcamp.
  4. YanaYana

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    Benjamin HarryB,

    This is not compatibility problem. Windows considers itself to be moved to another hardware when you open it in Virtual Machine. And it actually happens - you run Windows not from the real hardware but from virtualised hardware.

    Due to Windows licensing policy it requires reactivation, so it is predicted behaviour which can be solved easily.
  5. @YanaYana or Parallels team,

    I'm concerned that if I reactivate Win7 as a virtual machine, then when I boot natively into Win7, I'll be back to "activate this copy of Windows" all over again. Am I right to be concerned?

    (Every time I reactivate I must create a ticket with our IT department, so I can't just keep my activation key handy)
  6. YanaYana

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    You have to activate Windows twice only - once under Boot Camp and second time - when you start Windows in virtual machine. After double activation everything should be working fine
  7. Thanks!

    I'll feel better about contacting my IT staff in this case.
  8. YanaYana

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    Sure - but this is a usual procedure. It happens cause Window detects hardware change. But after you activate it on both hardwares (real and virtual) it should work with no problems)
  9. Can this Be Resolved Online?

    I've had the same problem. Any telephone to Microsoft results in
    long delays.

    Is there anyway to re-verify online?
  10. Andrew@Parallels

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    It depends on what message it's showing. Usually it shows the option to verify online when it's possible. And there is no such an option when it "suspects" you to activate too many times and you need to call Microsoft at this point.

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