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  1. I am trying to pxe boot parallels into a SCCM 2007 network image but it says "Failed to find a valid network adapter." This is a Windows 7 image and would like to include the proper network drivers in the image so that it will work. I know in the past the driver was the realtek_8029 adapter, is it still the same adapter or has it changed to something else?
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    Parallels provides own drivers (although the card is able to work with drivers for rtl8029)

    The Parallels drivers can be obtained at Also, if you are using Parallels Desktop 5.0, the network drivers are placed in the root of ISO with Parallels Tools - /Library/Parallels/Tools/prl-tools-win.iso

    Just for history: there is also an article about creating Win2003 image for WDS (so it doesn't apply to your situation):
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  3. But i Also Have a problem With Drivers

    all my drivers are with problems and i Need to work :/ im stcked because i need the internet

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    Сool. Never have seen anything like this.

    1) If you double click on faulted devices of ParallelsAdapter (with yellow exclamation), what is the error with it? (it is written on some of the tabs)

    2) Are there any other devices with yellow-sign? Is there "ATI PCI Express(3GIO) Filter Driver"? If it is, please delete it.
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    Also, try to delete the device "DsAudioDevice_310" - it may consume required resources and afaik should not be there
  6. I don't understand this response. The iso file has a setup.exe in it. Where are the drivers?


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