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  1. JJG


    I am running Parallels 6 (with Windows 7 Pro and Microsoft Office 2010 installed) on a i7 iMac with 8 gig or Ram and a 2TB hard drive. I have allocated 2 gig to the VM. Outlook is giving me nightmares. PDF attachments show up using Safari icons in Outlook and when I click on them, Safari opens but nothing else happens. Some attachments open using Windows Office 2010 apps. Some attachments launch the Mac 2010 Office versions but DO NOT push the document through to the Mac application and so I am presented with a new/blank office document and not the actual attachment file from Outlook. I paid money for Parallels phone support and they were useless. They had me uninstall McAfee and Office and reinstall Office, but not Mcafee. Nothing has changed. My callback to them after doing the reinstall has never been returned. I would welcome any ideas you might have to fix this. I run Parallels for the sole purpose of using Outlook and it has been rendered useless. Outlook in the Mac 2011 version of Office is shameful (although admittedly better than Entourage). That Microsoft would release such products is a very sad commentary on them. Thanks.
  2. ditto

    I am having same issue(s), any ideas? anyone....
  3. i am also having this issue. please let me know if you guys have found a solution.
  4. Me, too!

    Same issue. Please help.

    Attempted to open MS Word, Excel and PPT files from attachments in Outlook. It opens the correct program, but displays new blank document.

    Experiencing similar issue with PDF's and Preview - I attempt to open the file, Preview launches, but no document opens at all.
  5. System Info...

    Sorry - should have included my system info:

    Mac OS 10.6.7
    Parallels Build 6.0.12092
    Windows XP virtual OS
    Outlook 2007

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