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Discussion in 'Installation and Configuration' started by MaciejT, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. I had to install a fresh OSX and now I don't know how to get my Parallels installed again. I had Parallels 4 and then upgraded to 6. I cannot find any download links to the version 6 and I don't want to buy the newest version. Any ideas?
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  3. Hello MaciejT,

    Please see this Knowledge Base article for all download links to past versions of Parallels Desktop for Mac

    Thank you!
  4. and version 7?
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    Funny how the download links (past and current versions) are posted right in my signature and still people seem to ignore them. :)
  6. Funny how ppl are not aware of the content linked within their own signature ;)

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    The first link has the download to 7.0.15094.749908 which is the latest version and I just tested (you get the link via email), the second for older versions.

    So yes, I'm aware the content is linked correctly.
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  8. that's correct, but this thread is about earlier versions and your second link refers to versions <= 6.

    I'd like to know where to find previous versions of v7.
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    Maybe you should start another thread for that specific version of 7, the original poster wanted PDM 6.

    I don't have access to previous versions of 7 in Parallels servers, I probably have it in Time Machine, but a link should be provided by Parallels staff.
  10. thread title is pretty generic, so it's a good thing to have it here rather than scattered. if a dl location exists even.
    meanwhile I dug out the version I needed as well, but it would still be helpful to know.
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    The title is generic but the conversation isn't, and you are asking for something very specific that is not publicly available.

    Look, I'm just helping here, I couldn't even understand you wanted a previous version of 7, because it was off context with the thread, I'm tired of hearing people complaining they don't get their hymns answered when the very often miss-communicate.
  12. no need for nit-picking, I asked for v7 in the context of a thread requesting earlier versions.

    you got it slightly wrong, np and I still do appreciate your efforts!
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    Instead of: "and version 7?"
    I suggest the best approach would have been (for future reference): "What about previous versions of (PDM) 7?"

    Instead of: "7.0.14924?"
    I suggest: "The download link only gives me access to the latest version, I'm looking for version 7.0.14924 specifically"

    Instead of: "you got it slightly wrong, np and I still do appreciate your efforts!"
    I suggest: "Thank you for your time and patience"
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  14. redundant. there's only one meaningful interpretation of my question, except assuming I'd be a moron asking for a current version within this thread, which you apparently did reading your first reply.

    this is not very helpful plus entirely off-topic.
    discussion ends here. if you need to continue, let's move to pm.

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